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Turning Your Car into a Taxi - Simplified!

Do you own a car, or have plans to purchase one, we present you with the opportunity to generate a steady income through renting it out. The best part? No active involvement is needed on your part.

Car Renting Explained

Car rentals can either be daily or long-term. We specialize in taxi car rentals, a more stable option that ensures your car is consistently used throughout the year. This contrasts with daily rentals, where on average, a car is rented out for merely twelve days in a year. Experience the benefits of stability with us.

რამდენად მომგებიანია?

With our help, you will receive weekly income. The price of car rental varies from 35 GEL to 70 GEL per day. The available data is subject to change depending on the market situation. The final rental price is determined by the owner after consultation with the manager.

Estimate Your Earnings

Wondering how much you could potentially earn by renting out your car? Use our easy-to-use Custom Calculator! Just enter your car model, and we'll provide an estimate of your potential weekly income. Discover how profitable your car could be with Tbilisi Autopark & Bolt!

What are the risks?

Studio Portrait

Renting a car does carry inherent risks, such as potential traffic accidents. Therefore, to ensure everyone's peace of mind, every car must be covered by commercial "taxi" insurance from any provider operating in Georgia, prior to being accepted into our rental program.

Our advantage

While market demand has given rise to competitors, some of whom partner with Russian companies, we stand out due to our advanced control mechanisms and expansive driver base. This strategic advantage enables us to keep your car continuously rented, optimizing your earning potential.

Our Impact: By the Numbers

Driver Selection

Choosing a professional driver involves a meticulous process, where we assess potential drivers based on several factors such as communication skills, driving experience, and stability. Every driver undergoes a specialized training program designed by Bolt. Post-training, our managers offer guidance to further refine their driving practice and enhance their professionalism.

Is the car rented out daily?

Each day, approximately twenty drivers are handpicked, given the privilege to select from the available cars. We strive to ensure that all vehicles in our fleet are well-maintained and serviced. This approach ensures that your car remains in demand, maintaining a constant rental rate. Our committed managers will guide you in meeting and maintaining these standards.

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Contract Termination

As an owner, you have the freedom to end your contract with us at any point. To do so, a simple conversation with our manager is required. Following this, we'll arrange a suitable date to conclude our partnership.

Who maintains the car?

As the owner, you're responsible for the depreciation costs of your vehicle, as it remains in your possession during the rental period. However, our dedicated service center and auto assistant are constantly striving to minimize your expenses and maximize savings.

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