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ხშირად დასმული კითხვები

ქვემოთ მოცემული არის ყველაზე ხშირად მიღებულ კითხვებზე პასუხი, იმ შემტხვევაში თუ სასურველ კითხვაზე პასუხს ვერ მიიღებთ, დაგვიკავშირდით.

  • I rent a car by myself, how can you help me?
    Renting a car to a taxi involves controlling it, receiving money and constantly looking for a driver, many owners face the problem that their car is no longer usable for work after a few months because no driver takes care of it. With our help you will get: 1. Daily vehicle control with GPS system 2. The car is forbidden to leave the city without the consent of the manager 3. Auto assistant checks your car once a week and compares it with the condition before the rental 4. Our team pays you the car rental at the beginning of each week, you don't have to beg the driver 5. Our team ensures that all vehicle fines are settled at the beginning of each week
  • Who pays for car maintanace?
    Given that the car remains in your ownership and you retain the option to sell it whenever you wish, the owner is responsible for covering depreciation expenses. Our experienced manager will assist you in calculating these costs. At Tbilisi Auto Park, we provide an auto assistant service, which includes taking your car to a service center for necessary maintenance, upon your approval. Importantly, as the owner, you are not confined to using our service center for vehicle repairs, offering you flexibility.
  • Who insures the car? The owner or the company?
    Car insurance is provided by the person who owns the car. A necessary prerequisite for cooperation with us is car insurance with commercial taxi type insurance. Our manager can connect you with partner insurance companies, but you have the freedom to insure the car in any company in the territory of Georgia.
  • How many days will the car be rented?
    Your vehicle will be leased for an extended period, as long as it continues to meet the company's stipulated standards. If a current driver plans to leave the company, we commit to finding a suitable replacement within a reasonable three-day period. Over the course of a year, it's anticipated that your car may be operated by various drivers, ensuring its continual use.
  • In case there was a traffic accident?
    In the event of a claim, the responsibility for payment rests with the insurance company. We handle all communications with them, ensuring a seamless process for you.
  • Guarantee that money will be deposited?
    As an official Bolt car fleet in Georgia, we maintain meticulous records of all driver earnings within our system. Each week, we first collect the rental payment, then disburse the driver's wage. This streamlined process ensures accuracy and reliability in your income from your leased car.
  • Fines are charged on the car, who will pay?
    Each week, our diligent managers conduct a thorough check for fines on all cars in our fleet. As a result, every Monday, you can expect the fines on your car to be effectively reset to zero.
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